Sorry, caps lock was on. 

So I'm sitting here 30 minutes from launch, thinking about the past 8 or so years that I've been in this "Merch" game, I can't help but feel pretty fucking excited. For a long time I was dead set on other people doing the work for me. I ran on the thought of "As long as you have the Numbers (audience) You'll make it." I was FUCKING wrong. After having countless conversations about this with a very good friend (B.C. - BC.LIMITED) I quickly realized (only took me 8 years) that it's truly about QUALITY. For a long time I sacrificed quality to have quantity. Cliche right? Welcome to my world. Let's be real, it was also not that much of a gamble to have a fulfillment company do the work for you. I pay no up front cost, I profit. *rub hands together with a goulish smile* "Hold no Stock, Not my issue!" and I'd go as far as "Out of Sight, Out Of Mind." Trashy right? 

But I made my money being an "entertainer." Before all, I am "Jesse Ryan," The political Commentator, the Dip Reviewer, The fat guy in The Dip Run. I dont know shit about Apparel. Merch was never my "expertise." But there was always something inside me thriving to create an awesome brand that everyone can literally rock. Like that is and still is my dream. I had a rule that "I'd never put anything out that I WOULDN'T WEAR." But recently, It started to get to the point where I wouldn't wear my own shit. Like AT ALL. 

And I said before, after many conversations with my Boy Brian. I finally said FUCK IT.

So, this is where we are now. 15 minutes before I launching my new and improved brand. Made in America. Shipping the fuckers myself. Holding stock in house so I can check each print to ensure THE QUALITY is there. I've spent loads of money, time, and energy on this rebrand. With the customers in mind.

I don't know what to expect. A total shit show maybe? Thats definitely on the list, but at this point, who gives a fuck?!

There was a meme I saw recently that made me feel better about the decision...

Lets fuckin goooo! - Jesse

February 12, 2021 — Jesse Ryan